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Smart Code

Recharge without sharing your phone number

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Now enjoy control over who calls and texts you

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UAdvance gives you the facility of getting instant balance whenever you are running low, so now you don’t have to delay your calls or run out for get balance with Ufone UAdvance.

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Ufone Collect Calls

Now make calls even if you don’t want to pay for it or if you don’t have balance

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Double Number

You do not need to carry two mobiles or SIMs with this service you will get a virtual number on your original number

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Ufone auto-balance alert

Get your call summary, details, and balance alerts automatically after the call ends!

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Missed Call Notification

Allows U to be aware of the calls you are missing when you cannot be reached or your phone is off

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Ufone Prepay customers can now share

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If you’re low on balance and still need to make important calls

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