Ufone Multimedia Magazine (UMag)

Ufone Multimedia Magazine (UMag) is a very dynamic video portal with latest content updated on daily basis. There are different categories of content channels available for the subscriber e.g. Entertainment News, health and Fitness Tips etc. Content will be accessible to the subscribers via web & mobile web. Customer can view this content using Edge/3G or any Wifi network.

Content Catalogue:

  • Celebrity News
  • Food & Recipes
  • Featured category
  • Beauty Tips category
  • Health & Fitness
  • Kids (Cartoons)

Through Web:

Web is the main channel for the service, Customer will log to web portal to avail the service. For new customers subscription will be offered, whereas existing members will login to service by using their login credentials.

For new customers:

  • Logon to mobile web service
  • Browse through content categories
  • Tap on any video
  • Enter the mobile number to login
  • Tap on submit button
  • Customer will receive SMS from 7755 to select the package
  • Customer to reply back with the package selection
  • Customer will receive SMS having user ID and password from 7755
  • Subscription confirmation SMS will be sent on entered mobile number. (Existing Customer will be offered Password screen to login)

For Existing customers:

  • Logon to mobile web service
  • Browse through content categories
  • Tap on any video
  • Enter mobile number and password if prompted
  • Tap on submit button & browse

Through SMS:

  • User sends subscription keyword on SMS short code 7755
  • “Sub Umag7” for weekly subscription
  • “Sub Umag15” for 15 Days subscription
  • “Sub Umag30” for 30 Days subscription
  • User must have sufficient balance to get subscription
  • Username/Password will be sent on MSISDN along with the UMag portal address through SMS
Un Subscription
Based on the currently active package:

  • Send “Unsub umag7” to 7755 to unsubscribe weekly package
  • Send “Unsub umag15” to 7755 to unsubscribe from 15 days package
  • Send “Unsub umag30” to 7755 to unsubscribe from 30 days package

The service will be charged as per following:

  • Weekly Package: PKR 5+tax/week
  • Fortnightly Package: PKR 10+tax/fifteen days
  • Monthly Package: PKR 30+tax/Month
Terms & Conditions
  • Packages are non-recursive, i.e. customer will have to re-subscribe to the service once the validity period expires
  • Portal is accessible through mobile internet and WiFi
  • No free data will be provided, and user will be charged as per data plan
  • Portal is accessible through mobile/tablets & desktops
  • User must be subscribed to the service in order to view content
  • Content is subject to change based on respective validity & copyrights
  • Weekly Package subscription is valid for 7 days
  • Fortnightly Package subscription is valid for 15 days
  • Monthly Package subscription is valid for 30 days
  • This service is available for both prepaid and postpaid customers

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