Let your friends and familyhear your favorite tunes every time they call U!

  • Select a UTune from the content library, select a weekly package which changes your UTune on weekly basis
  • Create a UTune in your own voice and do much more to give your callers a personalized touch.

Rs 1.55 / Day (Prepaid)
Rs 36 / Month (Postpay)
Call Charges to 666 - Rs. 2.99 (Prepaid) & Rs. 2.5 (Postpay)
SMS 'SUB' to 666 or dial *666# or visit your nearest Ufone Sales and Service Center, Franchise or Retailer.
To unsubscribe UTunes write "UNSUB" and send it to 666.

Please enter your mobile number below.

or visit your nearest retailer or subscribe through ‘My Ufone’ app

Additional Information

  • One Key Copy & Activation (While listening press * to activate UTunes service and copy your friends UTune)
  • U can present a UTune to a friend
  • U Can Record Your UTune on 666 IVR
  • In order to manage your Utune library visit Utunes Portal OR download the mobile app
  • Click here to Manage your Utunes
How to purchase new Utunes

  • SMS "UTune Code" to 666 (For Codes visit : utunes.ufone.com:8088)
  • OR Dial 666 and listen to wide range of UTunes
How to gift

  • SMS "GiftUTune Code" to 666 (For Codes visit : utunes.ufone.com:8088)
  • Friend should be a subscriber of UTunes.
  • Prepaid - U will be charged Rs.5.98 per UTune gifted.
  • Postpay - U will be charged Rs.5.00 per UTune gifted.
Terms & Conditions

  • Ufone reserves the right of running Utunes promotions on Utunes content.
  • To unsubscribe Utunes SMS ‘unsub’ to 666
  • Your SIM is your identity, only use SIMs issued through Biometric Verification – PTA

Contact Us

  • Helpline (From Ufone): 333
  • Tel: 033-11-333-100
  • Email: customercare@ufone.com

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