Now U can locate friends, family, or employees/work force because of Ufone’s four Location Based Services!

With UTrack find U can choose to find any of the following:

  • Find your friends location - U can request the location of any Ufone user.
  • Find your own Location – If you're lost and wish to know where U are this feature will help you know where you are.
  • Find your Place of interest - Locate businesses like restaurants, boutiques, Banks, etc. within the area that you may be.
  • See the list of numbers they have allowed to check their location by sending an SMS on Short 2002
  • Get help through sending an SMS to short code 2002

  • No subscription is required for this service. You will be charged on a per-request basis.
  • The service is available to both prepaid and postpay subscribers
Rs. 3/- + tax per request.
Terms & Conditions
  • Any Ufone customer can initiate the request to track any other Ufone user. Simply SMS 'Find recipients number' e.g. 'Find 923335199942' to 2002
  • U can only find the users location if the recipient accepts your request, the following are the options the recipient will receive:
    • Yes, Just this time.
    • No.
    • Always.
  • If the recipient chooses option (1), the sender will receive the location of the User.
  • If the recipient chooses option (2), the sender will receive a message that " the recipient has denied your request to locate his/her location"
  • If the recipient chooses option (3), the initiator can track the location of the recipient anytime without requiring permission. This permission is valid for 10 years.
  • Except in case of unlimited permission, whenever the subscriber sends a request to track the location, the recipient will receive an SMS notifying them that their location has been tracked by the initiator.
  • To de-activate this permission, recipient should SMS 'No initiators number' e.g. No 92333519xxxx' to 2001. This will discontinue the permission the user had to access your location.
  • In case of unlimited permission you will not be notified when you are tracked.
  • You can also track your own location. Simply SMS 'Find Me' or 'Find your own number' e.g Find 923335199942 to 2002. You can also locate popular places like restaurants, hotels, ATM's and tourist spots in the vicinity. SMS 'Find Near' to 2002 and get the following list of categories to choose from, the information will be given of Point Of Interest within a range of 2 km.
    • ATMs & Banks
    • Attractions
    • Community
    • Education
    • Emergency
    • Entertainment
    • Food
    • Fuel
    • Lodging
    • Offices
    • Shopping
  • Within every category U will be given a list of information from which U can pick a specific sub category for which you require further details for.
  • In some categories U can reply with 'M' to get more options, e.g. in restaurants U will get ten categories, to get a list of more restaurants reply with 'M'.
  • In Islamabad, AJK, Gilgit/Baltistan and FATA an additional 0.84% will be charged on all services and packages.
  • 19.5% FED on usage and other taxes on bill/recharge apply.
  • In Islamabad, AJK, Gilgit/Baltistan and FATA 18.5% FED and other taxes on bill/recharge will apply.
  • Your SIM is your identity, only use SIMs issued through Biometric Verification – PTA

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