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Redefining Mobile Convenience with the new My Ufone App!

My Ufone App is now more powerful than ever before. Giving you the freedom to access and personalize your favorite Ufone services and take complete control of one or more of your Ufone numbers with-in a single login.

My Ufone app can be downloaded from the following links;

or scan QR Code:

Features & Benefit:
With the app installed on your phone, you have the freedom to;

  • Access Call History and Usage Details of your SMS and Data buckets
  • Buy a Super Card using your Credit or Debit card
  • Bill Payment and Balance Recharge via Credit or Debit Cards
  • Request a Ufone Number of your choice through Book My Number
  • Share balance with UShare or use UAdvance for instant balance (for Prepaid users only)
  • Subscribe and Unsubscribe from the list of available Value Added Services (VAS)
  • Live Chat – Get 24/7 assistance from a Ufone customer representative
  • Manage Packages, Credit Limit and International calling (for Postpaid users only)
  • Request for a Call back, give Feedback and much more!

How to setup? Getting started
  • Head over to Google Play store for Android app or to AppStore for iOS from the above links or search ‘My Ufone’
  • Download and install the app on your mobile device. Check below for compatibility details.
  • Once downloaded, open the newly installed ‘My Ufone’ app and register yourself.
  • Use ‘Individual access’ if you have your single personal Ufone number or ‘Full Access’ if you’re planning to link and manage multiple Ufone numbers under single login
  • For individual access, you will need to enter your number with registered NIC. For Full Access, you will be asked enter additional information that will create a username which can also be accessed from My Ufone web portal.
  • You will receive a PIN code on your registered mobile number. Please enter this pin code carefully to proceed.
  • Congratulations! You have successfully registered for My Ufone App and now have access to wonderful features and services. The revamped login screen gives your hassle-free way of managing your account whether you’re Postpaid or Prepaid user. Select an option that best fits your needs.

    Full Access: This activates all available app features for one or more Ufone numbers. This way you can link multiple numbers of your loved ones and manage them all under one username or primary number that is your own.

    Individual Access: The best way to control, manage and monitor a single Ufone number by getting access to all available features and services.

    Guest Access: This gives limited access to features such as booking a number or contacting live chat for help.

Q. What is the compatibility of My Ufone App?
A. My Ufone app works with Android 4.1 and up. On iOS, My Ufone app works with iOS 9.2 and above or iPhone 5s and later devices

Q. Are there any charges to use My Ufone App?
A. Usage of My Ufone App is free.

Q. What is the difference between Individual Access and Full Access?
A. Individual Access allows user to manage one Ufone number, whereas with Full Access, users can link and manage multiple Ufone number of friends and family members.

Q. Can I My Ufone App over Wi-Fi?
A. Yes, an internet connection is mandatory. My Ufone App works over Wi-Fi and all 3G and 4G networks as well

Q. What if I forgot my Username, Password or registered email for My Ufone App?
A. Username, Password or Email can be retrieved using ‘Forgot Credentials’ option at Full Access screen in My Ufone App or through My Ufone web portal.

Q. My Ufone App or specific feature / service is not working, what do I do?
A. Contact our live chat support on the website to know the compatibility and additional information and get instant assistance.
Terms & Conditions:
  • The usage of the mobile app (data charges will not be applicable on using the app) will be free.
  • On Android, My Ufone App works with Android 4.3 and above. On iOS, My Ufone App works with iOS 7 and above, or on iPhone 5s and later models.
  • Company stays fully indemnified of any breaches of data, personal information (app username and password) & other resources shared through My Ufone App.
  • User will be responsible for all transactions carried out through My Ufone App and company shall not be responsible for any transaction and/or outcomes thereof.
  • In order to make services better, Company has the right to contact Users for their feedback and to share their data with third party service providers.
  • Transfer Amount/Balance Share – Company will not be held responsible for sharing of balance and/or making financial transactions/paying amounts to anyone through My Ufone App.
  • Company will not make any reimbursement for the transactions done by User using My Ufone App or any unexpected system failure/service unavailability.
  • Users will be intimated through SMS for transactions made through My Ufone App.
  • Online payments must be permitted by User’s respective bank on User credit/debit card.
  • Company will not be held responsible for misuse of any credit/debit card. To avoid frauds related to credit/debit cards, if a credit/debit card is being used against My Ufone account then it cannot be used against other My Ufone accounts. Restriction is related to My Ufone Account therefore maximum 02 Credit/Debit cards can be used against a single My Ufone Account.
  • International credit/debit cards cannot be used to make financial transactions through My Ufone account.
  • Information visible on My Ufone App is fetched from Ufone’s internal systems which is as accurate as the systems. For CDRs, 06 hours is the maximum time required for updates to be displayed at My Ufone web portal as well as in My Ufone App.
  • It is Company’s discretion to add data charges on the usage of My Ufone App in future.
  • The User shall not indulge in misusage of the app or any fraudulent activity and in case the User is found to be indulged in any such activity, Ufone has the right to terminate/suspend this facility for the User. In case of any issue, complaint or feedback, please contact us by dialing 333 from your Ufone number or 033 11 333 100 from any other number or emailing us at

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