Self Service Booth

Self Service Booth is an interactive machine which allows customers to perform all activities conveniently and securely that can be performed through Ufone Sale and Service Center.

Features & Benefit

Self Service Booth provides the following exciting features to its valuable customers:

  • New SIM (Prepaid only)
  • SIM Change
  • Bill Payment and Recharge
  • Load Super Card
  • PTCL Bill Payment / Evo Recharge
  • Bio-metric Reverification
  • Video based customer support
  • Daweoo Booking
Self Service Booth Locator


What is a Self Service Booth?
Self Service Booth is a virtual teller machine which performs activities such as New SIM, SIM Change, Bill Payment/Recharge just like an ATM.

Where can I find Ufone Self Service Booth?
Ufone Self Service Booths are located on Ufone Sale and Service Centers. Currently, there are 38 Self Service Booths operating at Ufone Sale and Service Centers.

What type of activities can I perform with Self Service Booth?
Ufone customers can perform activities such as purchase new SIM, SIM change, prepaid recharge, postpaid bill payment, PTCL bill payment, biometric reverification of their number and more.

Will I be charged performing activities on the Self Service Booth?
Ufone Self Service Booth is a free service to its valuable customers. Customers will be charged for performing activities such as SIM purchase, bill payment, balance recharge etc. Self Service Booth takes payments in the form of cash from customers to perform activities.

Can I pay using my debit/credit card on the Self Service Booth?
Self Service Booth accepts payments in cash only as of now. Debit/credit card payments facility will be available soon.

Will I be able to collect change (for the money paid) on the Self Service Booth?
Yes, Self Service Booth has a money dispenser which returns the change.

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