Social Development

Alongside the main initiatives Ufone also conducts various mentor programmes and competitions to keep the CSR spirit alive!

Ufone is introducing Rizq

In continuation of Ufone’s aim to encourage kindness and strengthen humanity, Ufone is introducing Rizq, an initiative by three young men, who collect hygienic surplus food from restaurants, households, wedding halls and distributes it in the community at a nominal price of Rs. 10, so it doesn’t go to waste.

June 09th, 2017   read more ...

The hope for a better tomorrow is U!

The month of Ramzan reminds us of all that we have been blessed with and gives us the opportunity to give back. In this spirit, Ufone’s Ramzan Campaign this year will donate media space and airtime to the passionate Pakistanis who do good things in their own limited capacities and make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged.

June 10th, 2016   read more ...

Ufone, PRCS collaborate to facilitate flood affectees on Eid ul Azha

Pakistan’s premier telecom operator Ufone has joined hands with Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS) to pursue its tradition of remembering the flood affectees through thick and thin. On the occasion of Eid, Ufone and PRCS have collaborated in an effort to provide food items to areas where floods devastated livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of families reside in Chitral.

September 15th, 2015   read more ...

Karachi Police launches Emergency Alert System in collaboration with Ufone

In wake of the growing security concerns for educational institutes throughout the country, Karachi Police in collaboration with Ufone has launched a single click Emergency Alert System (EAS) to strengthen and compliment the security operations of the Police department.

March 2nd, 2015   read more ...

Ufone extends support in Tharparker relief operations

Pakistan’s premier telecom operator, Ufone, pursuing its tradition of being there for Pakistanis in times of crisis has carried out a relief activity for the famine hit areas of Tharparker, to help ease the pain of the affected people, by the disastrous famine.

May 16th, 2014   read more ...

Crime control in full flow courtesy Ufone, Police force

Ufone, one of the leading cellular operators in Pakistan and a leader in innovation, initiated a distinctive CSR project for helping Islamabad Police in curbing crime across the country. The success of the initiative has now seen police forces of other cities express interest with implementations now in full flow throughout the country.

April 8th, 2014   read more ...

Ufone and Buksh Foundation illuminating lives and homes

Ufone, an Etisalat group company, has collaborated with Buksh Foundation, a microfinance organization, to bring convenience through electricity by becoming a part of thelatter’s ‘Lighting a Million Lives’ campaign. The pilot project has been initiated in two villages in Chiniot and through this campaign Ufone intends to facilitate the access and use of solar lighting devices among Pakistan’s rural communities as part of its CSR program.

Feb 4th, 2014   read more ...

Ufone - Spreading Smiles on Christmas

Ufone, an Etisalat Group company, has initiated to give Christmas gifts to the underprivileged of a local church in Kasur. Amongst the many CSR activities Ufone does all round the year, these also include celebrating important cultural occasions like Eid and Christmas with the underprivileged.

Dec 23rd, 2013   read more ...

Ufone organizes a blood donation drive in Lahore

Ufone, an Etisalat Group company, organized a blood donation campaign in its Lahore office with the Ufone Volunteers Group and the Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS). Ufone Volunteers Group is a socially responsible employees’ group that voluntarily participates in activities that help the community.

Nov 28th, 2013   read more ...

Flood Relief Activity

Ufone continuing with its tradition of being there for Pakistanis in time of crises, recently devised and carried out a flood relief activity for the flood hit areas of Dera Ghazi Khan and Rajanpur.

Oct, 2012   read more ...

SOS Iftaar

Ufone recently hosted Iftar and Eid celebrations at SOS children’s villages in Islamabad and Quetta to help make the under-privileged children part of the celebrations associated with Ramazan and EidulFitar. These activities are a part of wide ranging CSR activities carried out by Ufone for the under-privileged segments of society.

Jul 23rd, 2012   read more ...

Ufone assists in The Citizens Foundation’s Career Counseling Programme

Since inception Ufone has had a major focus on child health care and education. Taking a step forward to promote education amongst the underprivileged, Ufone Volunteers are actively taking part in “The Citizens Foundation’s (TCF) Career Counseling programme.

May 15th, 2012   read more ...

Ufone Spreads Smiles: Fun Carnival at the SOS Children’s Village Islamabad

Advocating their commitment of spreading smiles and bringing joy to the children across Pakistan,Ufoneheld a fun carnival for the children of SOS village on the 14th of May 2012.SOS Pakistan recently built a new establishment in Islamabad boasting a spectacular facility. This carnival comes in the wake of a successful plantation activity at the SOS villages of Lahore and Islamabad. The members of the Ufone Volunteer Group took part in an eco-friendly project and planted trees across the villages.

May 15th, 2012   read more ...

Ufone hosts Cultural Diversity Workshop for Employees in Collaboration with AIESEC.

Keeping in view Ufone’s vision to engage the youth in activities which promote the image of Pakistan, Ufone in collaboration with AIESEC is conducting project ‘Pakistan Tum He To Ho’ which is aimed to highlight the positive side of Pakistan in the International arena.

Jan 16th, 2011   read more ...

Ufone Sponsors LUMS Special Olympics 2012

Ufone in collaboration with LUMS Community Service Society and Special Olympics held Special Olympics 2012 in LUMS on the 14th of April. The aim was to offer an exciting platform to those children who are physically and mentally challenged and motivate them to take part in activities and perform to a level where they acquire a sense of achievement.

Jan 16th, 2011   read more ...


Ufone has successfully finished a library set-up project for underprivileged but deserving minority children in Asif town, Near Yuhannaabad-Lahore. A remote and a relatively deprived community, the levels of education is Asif town are extremely poor. The local church approached us with the request to help them set up a small library which would provide basic education to children of the locality for free.

Jan 16th, 2011   read more ...

Ufone Sponsors Launch of Islamabad Traffic Police’s Lane Discipline Campaign

Taking another step forward in being a socially responsible organization Ufone sponsored the launch of Islamabad Traffic Police’s lane discipline campaign. The objective of this campaign is to educate the drivers of Islamabad about the importance of maintaining one’s lane.

Jan 16th, 2011   read more ...

Press Conference Pakistan tum he to ho

Ufone recently unveiled anexclusive web portal which advocates the positive side of the nation and in time will act as a preemptive effort to counter the global negative tag associated with the country. The web portal was launched through a press conference and numerous prominent media personnel, bloggers and journalists were in attendance.

Jan 9th, 2011   read more ...

Mentor Training in Middle Schools with AIESEC

Taking a step forward to promote environmentally sustainable initiatives, Ufone in collaboration with AIESEC successfully carried out an Internationally acclaimed projectin Pakistan. The project named 'My World My Choice' has been successfully running under the AIESEC umbrella in Canada and India and this is the first time AIESEC in association with Ufone has brought this initiative to Pakistan.

Jan 9th, 2011   read more ...

Mentor Programme and Seminars with The Citizens Foundation

Taking a step forward to promote education amongst the underprivileged, Ufone Volunteers are assisting in “The Citizens Foundation’s (TCF)” Rahbar mentor program.

Jan 9th, 2011   read more ...

Flood Relief Efforts

During the devastating floods in July-August 2010, Ufone set up tent villages using recycled PVC flex removed from advertisement hoardings and billboards after a commercial campaign expires. These villages were set up In Charsadda, Sukkur and Multan. Each tent catered to up to 300 people in each village.

Jan 9th, 2011   read more ...

Bloggers Competition

Keeping the competitive spirit alive, Ufone recently distributed the prizes for the Think Pakistan blogging competition which was held last month. The winners received UthFutura Handsets as encouragement for their innovative and responsible ideas which promoted the use of social media to build positive perceptions about Pakistan. UthFutura is a dual mode GSM+EVDO handset which gives the user lightning fast 3G internet speed of up to 3.1Mbps and the ability to make calls, socialize and stream online videos.

Jan 9th, 2011   read more ...

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