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Ufone aims at playing a positive role in improving the healthcare sector and responsive governance in Pakistan to ensure basic healthcare facilities for all citizens of Pakistan. Ufone believes in providing the same level of healthcare facilities to children coming from affluent and poor social backgrounds. Ufone’s ‘Child Healthcare Initiative’ aims at bridging the gap between children from marginalised sections of society and those enjoying medical facilities at par with standards followed at any private medical facility.

Dec 11th, 2013

Islamabad - Dec 11th, 2013: Ufone, one of the leading telecom operators in Pakistan, has refurbished the entire Children’s Ward and the Children’s OPD of the Federal Government Service Hospital in Islamabad as part of its corporate social responsibility agenda of giving something back to the community. The PEADS Polyclinic renovation project started in the year 2007, when Ufone revamped the entire children’s ward.

The PEADS polyclinic is one of the most frequently visited referral centers in Islamabad. Restoration work includes complete renovation of the children’s ward, improved sanitary conditions, and reduced crowding by adding more beds. A more comfortable atmosphere for the patients to repose has been created with the addition of proper flooring, new paint, seating, air conditioners, heaters, lighting, plasma televisions, help desks, nursing cabinets and windows for proper ventilation. The entire project is now complete.

"Ufone is pleased to support the notion of improved health care for children in Pakistan. This project is aimed to provide multiple benefits to the patients and a better medical facility for kids especially in the emergency care unit. Proper health facilities is every kid’s right and Ufone will continue to support this initiative to extend improved health care services to the masses.” said Mr. Akbar Khan, Chief Marketing Officer of Ufone.

Improvements are also made to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit which now can accommodate a good number of births and has been renovated keeping the mother’s and the patient’s comfort at top priority. This gives parents a chance to comfortably spend time with their kids in the hospital ward.

About Ufone: UUfone the leader in innovation is an Etisalat Group Company with its presence in all the major cities of Pakistan along with a comprehensive coverage across all major towns, villages and tehsil headquarters of the country. The company employs more than 3,850 people and operates with a network of more than 380 franchises and 23 company-owned customer service centers along with a distribution network of 150,000 outlets nationwide.

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