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Ufone - Value Added Services
Ufone welcomes you to indulge in the true essence of the term on the go. With our easy to use Ufone Value Added Services, pack your entire external environment right in your cell phone.

SMS Services
Now keep track of your anniversaries, important birthdays, and other events by scheduling SMS alerts for the future!

SMS Gift Box
Ufone cares for you and has always given priority to your comfort and your needs. Our innovative offers, services and applications ensure that all your needs are catered to, to make life comfortable for you. To achieve this, our latest offering in this regard is the Ufone SMS Gift Box.

SMS Scheduler
Hard to keep track of important birthdays, anniversaries, events? Let Ufone handle it for you now! With Ufone SMS alert, U can now schedule your messages for future dates.

Ufone brings you UDirectory catering to all your search needs under a single banner. Need to look up a place in Pakistan? Or want to check out the latest restaurant deals? Pamper yourself with expert health and beauty tips or bring the shopaholic out in you by availing seasonal sales, discounts, and offers! If you’re a diva our ladies lounge is the perfect place for you and if you’re a geek, ace your grades with our study tips and short courses!

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