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Sports Flash

Be on top of your game!

Ufone brings the most unique and interesting offerings for you. This time Ufone announces a one stop solution for sport lovers! Presenting Sports Flash!

You can now get a complete information about Cricket and Football with Sports Flash. You will never miss a thing- be it the hottest star player or the best team, the latest updates on clubs or league series or a single match, scores or more- everything about cricket and football is on Sports Flash.

To subscribe, all you need to do is SMS ‘sports’ to 4600 and get 6 different categories in a reply, select and configure according to you choice.

Here is a quick look at the categories and their respective charges

Categories Charges Categories Charges Categories Charges
Tournament Alerts Rs. 30/-Month Team Alerts Rs. 30/-Month League Alerts Rs. 100/-Month
Match Alerts Rs. 10/- Month Club Alerts Rs. 50/- Month Start Alerts Rs. 20/- Month

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Ufone Sports Flash?
Ans. Ufone Sports flash is SMS based alerts tickets of Cricket & Football through which you can get match coverage & news of your favorite sports.

Q2. How can I get / subscribe Tickets?
Ans. You can get tickets by dialing 4600 or type Sports and send it to 4600.

Q3. What are tickets?
Ans: Tickets are the packages of SMS based alerts of Cricket & Football.

Q4. What are different types of tickets offered in Ufone Sports Flash?
Ans: There are 6 types of tickets offered in Ufone Sports Flash:

1. Cricket Tournament Ticket
2. Cricket Match Ticket
3. Pakistan Cricket Team Tickets
4. Football Club Tickets
5. Football League Tickets
6. Star Cricket (Football Star & Cricket Star)

Q5. Can I subscribe to multiple cricket tournaments/ cricket matches/ clubs/ leagues/ Stars?
Ans: Yes, you can subscribe to multiple tickets at a same time but each ticket will be charged separately.

Q6. What are SMS alert frequencies in Cricket Tournaments?
Ans: There are two types of SMS alert frequencies in Cricket Tournaments. High Alert Frequency: If you are Cricket lover and wants in-detail tournament coverage & news, than high alert frequency is for U. Low Alert Frequency: Low alert frequency based on few alerts as compared to high frequency.

Q7. Is there any price difference in High & Low Frequency?
Ans. No, there is no price difference in high & low frequency alerts.

Q8. If I select a low frequency for a Tournament, can I change the frequency later?
Ans. Yes, you can change tournament frequency by dialing 4600.

Q9. Can I switch off alerts?
Ans. Yes, you can switch off & switch on alerts any time.

Q10. What is the procedure to switch off or switch on the alerts?
Ans. You can switch off or Switch on alerts by dialing 4600 and select turn-off SMS / turn-on SMS alerts option from main menu.

Alternate method:

- Type Turn off and send it to 4600 to Turn-off alerts
- Type Turn on and send it to 4600 to Turn-on alerts

Terms & Conditions:

  • In Islamabad, AJK, Gilgit/Baltistan and FATA an additional 0.84% will be charged on all services and packages.
  • 19.5% FED on usage and other taxes on bill/recharge apply.
  • In Islamabad, AJK, Gilgit/Baltistan and FATA 18.5% FED and other taxes on bill/recharge will apply.
  • Your SIM is your identity, only use SIMs issued through Biometric Verification – PTA