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Ufone : iPhone 6 now available on Ufone, for an amazing 3G experience
Ufone’s constant focus on innovation and convenience has culminated in the ultimate move that brings both these important factors to the very forefront when you use your Ufone connection. We’re going to put the iPhone 6 in your hands and power it with our fastest-growing 3G network. Experience the power of the iPhone6: the newest, power packed version of the smartphone meets the Ufone network power punch- it gets Bigger than bigger now!

Ufone : iPhone 6 now available for Ufone & Faysal Bank Customers
In the ultimate move to step up the digital game, we unveiled the world’s premier smartphone, the iPhone 6 and now, to make it easier for you to get your hands on one, we present the Smart Installment Plan from Ufone and Faysal Bank.

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