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Ufone : 3 - Day Hybrid Bundle
Third Generation or 3G refers to the third generation of wireless technology. 3G networks enable you to make video calls, watch live TV, access high speed internet and enjoy live streaming for an enhanced mobile Internet experience.

Ufone : 3G - VAS
Third Generation or 3G refers to the third generation of wireless technology. 3G networks enable you to make video calls, watch live TV, access high speed internet and enjoy live streaming for an enhanced mobile Internet experience.

The Ufone International Roaming Tariff advisor is an SMS based service designed to provide instant and hassle free access to latest roaming tariffs to our valued roaming customers

Ufone : My Mail Service
For the first time in Pakistan, Ufone brings you a way to check email on any handset, without internet or GPRS anywhere in the world on International Roaming!

Ufone : Travel Guide
Ufone offers yet another innovative service -Ufone Travel Guide. This service has specifically been designed for international travelers in Pakistan.

Ufone : Value Added Services
Value Added Services. Experience limitless features by stepping into the world of Ufone Postpay’s value added services. We aim to connect with you and provide you state of the art services to make sure you get the most out of your mobile phone. Which is why, we’ve mentioned some of our value added services to help you begin.

Ufone : Uth Package - Uth Awaz SMS
Why keep the boring ring ring tone, set yourself apart by setting a tune of your choice for your callers to hear when they call you with your own Uth Tune. Choose a classic or the latest hit from our humongous selection of songs and audio clips!

Ufone : Uth Package - Music Station
Why keep the boring "ring ring" tone, set yourself apart by setting a tune of your choice for your callers to hear when they call you with your own Uth Tune. Choose a classic or the latest hit from our humongous selection of songs and audio clips!

Ufone : Uth Package - SMS Jhatka
Ab Uth package pay SMS offers itni amazing kay soch hai aapki! U get the lowest rates to any network in Pakistan. So make the most of these ek dum aalaa SMS Jhatka rates!

Ufone : Uth Package - Song Dedication
Why keep the boring ring ring tone, set yourself apart by setting a tune of your choice for your callers to hear when they call you with your own Uth Tune. Choose a classic or the latest hit from our humongous selection of songs and audio clips!

Ufone : Uth Package - Uth Tunes
Why keep the boring ring ring tone, set yourself apart by setting a tune of your choice for your callers to hear when they call you with your own Uth Tune. Choose a classic or the latest hit from our humongous selection of songs and audio clips!

Ufone : Free Internet After 1 MB Offer
Ufone is at the industry-forefront when it comes to innovation in the services we provide. Now we are, once again, looking to change the market by being the first in the industry to revolutionize the use of mobile Internet.

Ufone : Ufone Business SMS
Ufone Business SMS is a prepaid one-way SMS quick & friendly Graphical User Interface and Bilingual SMS service that you can access worldwide via the Internet

Ufone : Business Website
For the first time in Pakistan, Ufone has launched another unique and unprecedented service in the industry through which Small & Medium Businesses will be able to launch their own professional website in just 4 easy steps. No longer is customer required to pay hefty fees to create a website and further pay excessive charges to maintain it. Ufone offers a unique website builder platform through which you have the flexibility to select your own website design from more than 400 templates. You can change your design any time. Make changes to your website at your convenience without paying any additional cost.

Ufone : Ufone UTrack Business
Team View: This new feature will allow users of UTrack Business to see the location of all the members added in a particular team on the map at the same time. On subscribing to this features, a button ‘Team View” will be added on the web interface.

Ufone : VPN
Want a private numbering plan for your organization? Want flexible call control?Ufone’s Virtual Private Network allows you and your organization to form a customized platform designed specifically to meet your needs

Ufone : Language Coach
As promised we have added two new languages – German and Spanish, to the list that you can master. Ufone Language Coach enables you to learn the language of your choice on your phone. Get coached anytime and anywhere you want.

Ufone : UEnglish with British Council
Ufone keeps a keen focus on fulfilling communication gaps to further broaden your Ufone experience at every step. Education, awareness and opportunities go hand in hand in today's competitive world.

Ufone : UExaminer
Ufone maintaining its reputation of introducing innovative services brings UExaminner, a unique service of its kind to be offered for the first time by in Pakistan.

Ufone : Student Club
Ufone has its customer’s convenience in the forefront of everything we do. That’s why we bring the most valuable offers and services to facilitate our customers in their everyday lives!

Ufone : UQuestion
In the process of defining itself as the connection for the masses, Ufone started to develop a concrete base of services and offers that streamlined the communication process and gave you so much more than just the ability to talk to your loved ones and stay in touch. Today that roster of Value Added Services is second to none in the telecommunications industry of Pakistan and with every new addition it grows in scope and application. Our latest addition is UQuestions.

Ufone : UStory Land
Ufone places importance on awareness through education, hence introducing a creative spin on educating through the age old art of storytelling! It is time to discover the fun of myths and folklores, entice imagination and enter the magical realm.

Ufone : Media Station
Ufone always offers entertainment within your reach and alongside our core communication products, providing enjoyment to your telecom experience. This time, it is a liberating video streaming encounter that Ufone brings for you, to unleash the power of video messaging, video info services and video entertainment from the palm of your hands.

Ufone : Infotainment
Don’t get the time to find out about the latest news or read you horoscope? MyUfone lets you customize your cell phone via this website. This not only lets you subscribe to Ufone info services like your daily horoscope, local weather, latest news, etc. but also schedules alerts for you to receive regular information

Ufone : UMobile TV
Ufone brings another exciting Value Added Service to its customers. With UMobile TV you can enjoy your favorite TV channels LIVE, anytime and anywhere. With our latest addition, U can enjoy Mobile TV on any Wi-Fi network as well!!

Ufone : UMobile TV Android Application
Ufone brings another exciting Value Added Service to its customers. With UMobile TV you can enjoy your favorite TV channels LIVE, anytime and anywhere. Get hold of non-stop entertainment directly to your mobile handset.

Ufone : UMobile TV Java Application
Once downloaded, user can either locate the widget application from download menu to install or locate it on the memory card for installation. Widget application can be installed just by clicking on the installation file.

Ufone : U-Movies
Now enjoy all the latest and classic movies in U-Movies! We narrate the plot, play the dialogues and make you groove to the best songs! Just dial 350 and listen to your favorite movie!!

Ufone : MMS Info Services
Ufone introduces MMS info services, now you can get the latest MMS alerts on your mobile phone. Simply SMS keyword “MMS’ to short code 491.

Ufone : MMS News Service
Ufone introduces MMS News Service, now you can get the latest MMS New bits on your cell phone. MMS News Service allows you to receive daily news from three different categories namely:

Ufone : MyTunes
Ufone does it once again. For the first time in Pakistan Ufone introduces an exceptional service – called MyTunes. With this one of a kind service callers can set a ringtone melody of their choice.

Ufone : Chat at the speed of light with Fast Chat from Ufone
Recent years have seen the mobile phone utilized in a variety of ways with Ufone always at the forefront, developing services and solutions that add unparalleled levels of utility and value to the mobile connection. Keeping this firmly in mind, for the first time in Pakistan, Ufone brings you the latest in our unique and innovative chat services: Ufone Fast Chat.

Ufone : SMS Song Search
With this service U will be able to find any UTune of your choice via an SMS. After finding the UTune of your choice, U can select the desired option and set it as your default UTune.

Ufone : Take Dramas to a whole new level
At Ufone we aim to establish the best set of services across the board. We ensure that your needs are met – as diverse and varied as they might be – from communication to entertainment, Ufone has it all covered. Next in line in our unique set of services is UDrama, the first of its kind to introduce the unique feel of classic 8 – 10 minute radio dramas on mobile phones. Whether you’re on the go or just tired of surfing channels on TV, UDrama is your gateway to a world of entertainment.

Ufone : UKismat
Ufone has an insight into your needs, and the result is carefully tailored offers to appease various demands that arise in your hearts and minds. Ufone is introducing a platform where everyone can get their uncertainties answered, and you can understand what story your stars are telling.

Ufone : ULive - Your chance to speak your mind!
Ufone understands that in order to maximize value for U, we have to do more than just provide the basic tools for communication. That is exactly why we strive so hard to keep you engaged through various offers, packages and value added services, to drive home the point that a mobile service should be more than just bare necessities. It is with this thought in mind that we bring you ULive.

Ufone : U Poetry
Ufone brings a literary treat for you, with Poetry Corner an anthology of poets just a click away. Browse through an electric mix of poetic verses from various genres, romance, patriotic or increase your knowledge of your favorite poets work in a number of languages. So revive your poetic senses now and reinvigorate the memory of your most loved poems.

Ufone : U Talk
Enjoy Ufone’s new voice activated service now in four languages Where you can select what you want to hear by simply saying it. Simply dial 777 and browse through the menu in four different languages: English, Urdu Punjabi and Pashto

Ufone : Ufone UTrack
Ufone has always been at its best when it comes to new and innovative value added services. Keep up with this tradition Ufone is now offering a set of four location based services (LBS) under the brand name UTrack. These service will allow users to find or locate friends, family, POI near the user, or just monitor employees and work force

Ufone : Video Message Service
Ufone endeavors to provide you with outstanding services by offering new and unique ways of expressing yourself. On this Eid, you are going to find a new and exciting way to wish your family, friends and loved ones a very happy Eid Mubarak with the industry-first Ufone Video Message Service on this Eid. This will make for a fantastic Eid greeting as you will no longer have to rely on just an SMS or a simple voice call; you can send a Video Message through this amazing service to say Eid Mubarak to anyone you want in Pakistan face to face!

Ufone : UGame Store
Ufone always creates novelty in all entertainment offered to U with innovative and exciting offerings. Now, we bring a unique gaming portal for the Pocket Gamers! Bring out your inner gamer as we provide the platform. We bring a little of everything for everyone; whether you have a “competitive spirit” or look for “fun & excitement”, with www.Ugamestore.com, you can have it all. It’s a complete catalogue of the most popular and highest rated games available. The UGame Store brings you the chance to earn fame & glory in the gaming world.

Ufone : uKasauti – Learn while you play
Ufone knows that your satisfaction holds prime importance in the telecom industry. In order to continue enjoying its enviable position in the market, Ufone needs to keep on adding value to its services and offers, adding utility by taking care of all your needs. This belief is what powers our list of unique and innovative services that are much appreciated.

Ufone : WAP Gaming Portal
Ufone brings you another fun service to keep you entertained on your mobile phone. Play unlimited WAP games for as low as Rs. 5 per month on Ufone’s WAP Gaming Portal. Registeration on the WAP Gaming Portal is FREE.

Ufone : Current Affairs Portal
If you are someone who wants to know what is happening in the world around you – then Ufone’s Current Affairs Portal is what you need. Just dial 7755 from your phone to access the Current Affairs Portal for a complete bouquet of information and entertainment, and that too without internet.

Ufone : SelfCare App
Do you wonder how much credit U end up spending on calls, SMS and Mobile Internet? Well, don’t calculate too hard! Ufone brings an application that does all the calculations for U.

Ufone : UBazar
UBazar is the first of its kind advertisement portal where you can sell/purchase property, Cars/Motorbikes and home appliances.Simply Dial 252, After selecting the desired language, you can Press 1 to record the advertisement and press 2 to listen to pre-recorded advertisement

Ufone believes in enrichment of customer experience through their empowerment. Ufone Care Application is a fabulous tool which has been developed keeping the same approach in view. Ufone Care is a Ufone Mobile App which allows Ufone subscribers to perform different activities and use different services from a single application, empowering both Post-paid and Pre-paid subscriber to manage their accounts, from viewing active services and packages on their number to extracting their Call details, from changing their package plan to managing their Value added services all has been made simple and easy, because it’s all about U!

Ufone : U Job Portal
Finding your dream job is now, just an SMS away. U-Job Alerts now gives you access to thousands of job announcements as posted on Pakistan's Leading Job Portal

Ufone : UKisaan
Ufone introduces UKisaan! Now you can get the latest information about the agriculture sector simply by making a call.With UKisaan you can listen to information related to agricultural crops, livestock farming, non-conventional crops, poultry and fruit farming, weather alerts, mandi alerts and folk songs in regional languages

Ufone : Be Pakistani and proud with the UPak Info Portal
Our tradition of adding unique and innovative value added services to the mix has been a focal point of Ufone’s long-term strategy over the years. The utility you can gain from your Ufone connection translates directly into customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, two factors paramount to retaining and increasing our customer base.

Ufone : Hajj Guide
Hajj is the biggest Islamic event of the year with millions of Muslims gathering in Khana-e-Kaaba to perform the Holy obligation of Hajj. Ufone Hajj IVR is an awesome platform for providing the needed knowledge to the pilgrims departing for Hajj. This service encompasses all the important factors that need to be kept in mind while performing Hajj.

Ufone : Ramzan Service
Ufone’s packages and services are tailored to all occasions and they satisfy a variety of your needs. During the holy month of Ramzan, Ufone has the perfect companion for all of you in the shape of the Ramzan Service.

Ufone : Background Music Service
Ufone Background music lets you play music and sound effects in the background of your call. You can play your favorite song in the background, or the sound of the beach, a market place and many more.

Ufone : Ufone Music Station
Music can’t sound any better than this!Ufone introduces a custom made service that will Rock Ur world-Ufone Music Station To use this service, simply dial 555 if you are a regular customer and 550 if you are a subscribed customer and choose between Music Station, Personal Playlist or Your Song

Ufone : SMS Song Dedication
Ufone is proud to launch yet another exciting and effortless service for our valued customers. Now, U can dedicate a song to your friends or family via SMS. Simply type ‘SD’ send it to 888 and choose your favorite songs from the following categories.

Ufone : Ufone Song Catcher
Ufone Song catcher brings you the first of its kind service ‘Song Search’. Before if you didn’t remember the name of a song all you had to do is place the phone next to a speaker and Song Catcher identified the song for you.

Ufone : Song Dedication
For the first time in Pakistan, Ufone brings you a voice based song dedication service. You can select songs from our five exciting categories by simply “saying their name”.

Ufone : Taazi.com
Ufone has always believed in promoting the growth of new talent and curbing piracy so that our artists can reap the benefits of their efforts. In that regard, we are proud to announce that Ufone is partnering with Unicorn Black to launch Taazi.com, a web-based platform for digital content such as music, videos, artist-related news updates, ringtones and more!

Ufone : Utunes
With Ufone UTunes service your friends and family can listen to your favorite tunes every time they call you. You can select a UTune from the content library, select a weekly package which changes your UTune on weekly basis, create a UTune in your own voice and do much more to give your callers a personalized touch.

Ufone : URegional Radio
Ufone makes sure that all of your needs are met by offering innovation, convenience & affordability at every turn. Alongside crystal clear voice and communication services, Ufone also makes sure that each and every one of you are satisfied and all of your needs are met. If you are a part of the Ufone network then you have a variety of value-added services designed to keep you engaged. Keeping that firmly in mind, Ufone is launching URadio!

Ufone : USinger!
Take a song, get lyrics sent to you from Ufone and record it in your own voice with USinger! That’s right, with Ufone’s brand new mobile karaoke service, USinger, you can record and listen to your favorite songs in your own voice mixed with its background music to make a perfect musical track. And it doesn’t end there – add to the entertainment by dedicating it to your friends, download it as your Truetone OR gift Truetone to your friend.

Ufone : 100 SMS Portal
With 100 SMS portal, Ufone customers can now browse download and subscription information on content categories, text alerts and the top value added services at a minimal cost of 5 Paisa per SMS

Ufone : Awaz SMS
Awaz SMS provides a user the facility to send SMS messages without having to go through the pain of typing a message on their mobile phone keypads. Instead you can simply record what you wish to say and send to anyone you like.

Ufone SMS Gift Box
Ufone cares for you and has always given priority to your comfort and your needs. Our innovative offers, services and applications ensure that all your needs are catered to, to make life comfortable for you. To achieve this, our latest offering in this regard is the Ufone SMS Gift Box.

Ufone : Group SMS
Ufone has always aimed to keep you updated with the most cutting-edge technology on offer and has constantly launched top-of –line offers, products and services to achieve that goal. In this process, Ufone has introduced countless industry-first services in Pakistan, cementing its reputation as the pioneer for exciting and useful value added services. Keeping this tradition alive and kicking, Ufone is unveiling its next industry-first service: Group SMS

Ufone : Hisaab SMS – because Ufone has no Hidden charges!
Ufone has always been completely honest with all its customers, and was the first operator to introduce Hisaab SMS, a complete account of the previous day’s balance consumption. Hisaab SMS is free-of-charge service that gives all of our prepaid customers complete detail of their consumed balance on a daily basis. Whether you have made calls, SMS, used mobile Internet and any other services, you will always know how much balance you have spent and on which service. With the Hisaab SMS in English or Urdu, you will never have to worry about any additional or hidden charges because Ufone is making everything open, transparent and clear for you.

Ufone : SMS Scheduler
Hard to keep track of important birthdays, anniversaries, events? Let Ufone handle it for you now! With Ufone SMS alert, U can now schedule your messages for future dates.

Ufone : Trivia Quiz
With Ufone’s Trivia Quiz, you can carry your very own personal game show inside your pocket. There is an abundance of questions that we will come up with that will ensure that your thinking cap is always on! That’s not all

Ufone : Twitter on SMS
Ufone Pre-Paid and Post-pay users will now be able to operate Twitter through their Ufone on 40404 SMS Short Code. Twitter offers social networking and Microblogging service, enabling its users to send and read messages called tweets. Ensuring and keeping the tradition of offering pre-eminent value added services to Ufone subscribers, we offer our Ufone subscribers to send, receive unlimited tweets through this service. Follow your Family, Friends and Celebrities updates on twitter by endorsing the process below.

Ufone : U Directory
Ufone brings you UDirectory catering to all your search needs under a single banner. Need to look up a place in Pakistan? Or want to check out the latest restaurant deals? Pamper yourself with expert health and beauty tips or bring the shopaholic out in you by availing seasonal sales, discounts, and offers! If you’re a diva our ladies lounge is the perfect place for you and if you’re a geek, ace your grades with our study tips and short courses!

Ufone : Urdu Info Services
Now there is no language barrier when it comes to getting the latest and most relevant information on your phone. Ufone’s Urdu info services will deliver everything you want on your phone in Urdu. All you have to do is send in the Service command to 120 and you will get your alerts in the language you desire

Ufone : Ufone Urdu SMS
is a unique service that enables you to communicate with loved ones through SMS in Urdu script.You can now send and receive Urdu text SMS instead of roman i.e. it would translate an SMS in to the local language script (Urdu) from Roman Urdu.With this service you can send quotes, greetings, poetry, jokes in your local language instead of Roman Urdu which accentuates the true essences of the message. In addition to this it also takes language barrier out of the equation for the people who are not able to read English

Ufone : Web 2 SMS Chat
Ufone’s Messaging service gives you.the chance to explore new avenues of connectivity. So remain in touch through any medium you can imagine, you no longer have to worry about where when and how to keep in touch with your loved ones

Ufone : Baat Cheet Service
With Ufone Baat Cheet Service, you can have one-on-one discussions on your topics of interest with people all around Pakistan.

Ufone : Club Ufone
Ufone Uth package introduces Club Ufone – an amazing new social networking website exclusively for U, providing U a platform to come together and stay connected. Club Ufone is an exclusive online networking site that is user friendly and has a stringent privacy policy. Unlike other social networking websites, U can access Club Ufone both in English and Urdu languages.

Ufone : Facebook Alerts
Ufone subscribers can now: Update their Facebook status, Subscribe to friend’s status updates and reply to status updates, Send & Receive a message to and from a friend etc...

Ufone : Ufone Dosti
Looking to find interesting and alike people? Ufone Dosti is one such platform which will help two likeminded people to come together and understand each other better without revealing their identity to each other.Ufone Dosti is a great way to socialize with people through the service which is both fun and safe. It allows users to talk to other interesting users on the portal anonymously without revealing their phone numbers

Ufone : Ufone Rishta Point
Looking for your perfect match? With Ufone Rishta Point doing exactly that is easier then ever before. Ufone Rishta Point is a matchmaking service on IVR and WAP through which you can record your profiles/proposals and look for a potential life partner

Ufone : Voice Book
Ufone has a proud record of being at the absolute forefront when it comes to providing you with the most innovative of services, maximizing value for you and meeting all your communication needs at the same time.

Ufone : Something on your mind? Voiler it!
Ufone’s unique set of services have always been well received by our customers because they are designed to maximize the ufone user experience. We offer value to our offering and engage our customers in ways to fulfill their needs, as varied as they may be. The rise of social media platforms is fueled by the desire to hear and be heard and that’s just what ufone’s amazing service, Voiler, is all about.

Ufone : AC Milan Alerts
Ufone brings AC Milan and the universal game right to the palm of your hand. Its football fever at Ufone as we bring you all the goals, cards and alerts you’ll ever need to stay updated on your favourite football team: AC Milan.

Ufone : Chelsea Alerts
Ufone brings a new dimension to the game of football by bringing it right into your hands! Own your favorite game like never before and become the champions of one of the best teams of our times – Chelsea!

Ufone : Cricket Club
Ufone brings an amazing new service for all of U cricoholics out there – Ufone Cricket Club. With this service, U will receive live cricket scores and updates from around the world.

Ufone : Inter Milan Alerts
Ufone brings a new dimension to the game of football by bringing it right into your hands! Own your favorite game like never before and become the champions of one of the best teams of our times – Inter Milan!

Ufone : Sports Flash
You can now get a complete information about Cricket and Football with Sports Flash. You will never miss a thing- be it the hottest star player or the best team, the latest updates on clubs or league series or a single match, scores or more- everything about cricket and football is on Sports Flash.

Ufone : Ufone Sports Arena
Ufone Sports Arena will not only keep all sport lovers updated with latest sporting activities, but also let you test your knowledge on your favorite sport. What are you waiting for get the latest news, happenings, score updates and team rankings of the most popular sports including cricket, football, tennis and formula one today.

Ufone : Ufone Auto Balance Alert Service
Ufone offers its customers three IVR based interactive games that can be played on 882 Gaming IVR portal. All games have different stages and after every stage the difficulty level increases. So dial into 882 and let the fun begin.

Ufone : Auto Reply
We at Ufone have a knack for understanding our customers’ needs like none other. That’s just why we keep coming up with offers, packages and so much more that keep U engaged and make your communication experiences convenient and progressive.

Ufone : Bolo English
Ufone’s lists of Value Added Services are designed to serve a wide and varied number of roles in your life. Our services take all facets of your life into account and provide solutions ranging from entertainment to education, so you know that Ufone has all your needs covered.

Ufone : Call Features
Call Conferencing:Our Conference Calling Service allows you the convenience to kill two birds with one stone. Conference Calling allows you talk to 2 people at the same time in a 3-party simultaneous conversation. Hence you don't have to make multiple calls to convey the same message to more then one person, simply activate your call conferencing and talk away.

Ufone : Ufone Collect Call
Ufone for the First Time in Pakistan offers Collect Call service; a very useful service with which you can make calls even when you don’t wish to pay for them or if you are out of balance.

Ufone : Ufone Conference Call
allows you to speak with up to 6 people at the same time using your Ufone,making it ideal for organizing events or discussing business when you're on the move.Activating this service is very easy, simply SMS SUB to 6789.

Ufone : Delivery Reports
In order to provide better and reliable communication services to Ufone subscribers, Ufone has launched Delivery Reports service through which Ufone subscribers will be able to receive acknowledgement of their sent SMSs.

Ufone : Double Number
There is so much to manage in life already that having to manage different mobiles or SIMs for work, personal use or any other reason is not something that you really look forward to. For the first time in Pakistan, Ufone has come up with a breakthrough technology of Double Number service.

Ufone : Emergency Missed Call Service
With the Emergency Missed Call Service, you now have the facility of sending a missed call to any local number of any network in Pakistan, even when you have no balance! All you need to do is make the call, and in the event of insufficient balance, a missed call will be sent to the number you call. You don’t need to subscribe to the service and it is absolutely free. It’s what we call Ufone convenience at its best.

Ufone : Food Court – The hub of delicious cuisine.
Ufone has always paid special attention to you and your convenience. Our unbeatable offers, services and products are designed to be irresistible and now Ufone is launching another mouth-watering offer that will leave you asking for more!

Ufone : International Recharge
Ufone brings you a new way to recharge your account. Now you can recharge your friends or families prepaid accounts while on a living/visit abroad from designated outlets, ATM, Kiosk or even handsets

Ufone : Missed Call Notification
never miss a call even when your phone is switched off or you’re out of coverage. Ufone offers you SMS notifications of any missed calls complete with time and date as soon as the user turns his/her phone back on or is back in coverage

Ufone : Phonebook Saver
Lost or changed your phone and worried about your contacts? With Phonebook Saver, now you can retrieve all your contact numbers instantly whenever you lose them. So go on and create your personal Phonebook Saver account and never lose a contact again.Phonebook Saver is available in GPRS, SMS and Web versions

Ufone : Record My Call
Ufone offers its customers three IVR based interactive games that can be played on 882 Gaming IVR portal. All games have different stages and after every stage the difficulty level increases. So dial into 882 and let the fun begin.

Ufone : SMS Backup
You know those messages that just mean so much and you never want to lose them? Well, you can keep them now for as long as you want. Ufone introduces the SMS Backup. With this unique service you don’t have to fear losing your important SMSs anymore.

Ufone : U-Block
Now enjoy the freedom of control the calls you receive! With UBlock, U can block all those obnoxious callers that keep disturbing you. With U-Block you can simply SMS obnoxious number to 420 and block all unwanted SMS and Calls at the same time.

Ufone : U Phone Log
At Ufone, there’s always something new and unique in the offering for our customers. Ufone proudly presents yet another innovative and highly useful service – U Phone Log.

Ufone : U Share
Ufone Prepay customers can now share their balance with each other through a simple two-step process now.

Ufone : UAdvance
UAdvance gives you the facility of getting instant balance whenever you are running low, so now you don’t have to delay your calls or run out for get balance with Ufone UAdvance.

Ufone : UBudget
Submit your monthly income, target savings and log your actual expenditures under different expense categories like rent, fuel, shopping, education and others and UBudget service will process and propose an ideal expenditure pattern for you.

Ufone : EVO
Ufone has always put your needs and requirements on the highest pedestal. That is our brand philosophy and the reason why you and others like you continuously choose Ufone as your mobile service provider of choice. In order to offer the very best solutions in the market, Ufone has a prolific history of striking strategic partnerships that bring value to our offerings while enhancing our profile with other companies.

Ufone : UMonitor
Ufone is proud to bring its prepaid customers yet another innovative and smart service – UMonitor; a service with which you will be able to monitor calls on three phone numbers. Now create a white list for those numbers and decide to what numbers they can call and receive calls from.

Ufone : UPayments
After years of continuous innovation, the most technologically advanced mobile service provider and leader in Value Added Services, Ufone has now made its mark in the world of Mobile Banking too.

Ufone : UPehchan
We, at Ufone, are always looking for ways to add value to your Ufone experience every day. Introducing services that add utility has been an established practice over the years, and one we continue to uphold. With UPehchaan, our thrilling new addition to the roster of Ufone’s Value Added Services.

Ufone : UReminder
Ufone is pleased to announce yet another innovative service – UReminder. With UReminder U will receive reminders of important tasks that U cannot afford to forget. Use it for business or personal reminders, so whether it is your best friend’s birthday, a payment collection or a wakeup call, now U will never forget anything.

Ufone : UReserve
Ufone has always looked for novel ways to add utility and convenience to its overall brand offering. Over the years, this has led to a highly diversified and specialized set of Value added Services that expedite your communication and other needs in a timely and efficient manner. As our customers encounter all sorts of situations and difficulties in their daily lives, it is up to Ufone to make sure that your needs are met, regardless of any and all circumstances. UReserve is our latest offering in that regard.

Ufone : U Search
Whether U have Internet service on your mobile phone or not, it should not stop U from finding answers to all your questions! Ufone makes sure of that. As always Ufone strives to provide U with the most useful solutions to bring convenience and innovation to your lives.

Ufone : Voice Mail
Ufone's Voice Mail is your very own answering machine which allows you to receive and store messages when you are unable to attend your calls; if your phone is switched off, not responding, busy or out of coverage.

Ufone : VStock
Ufone understands that in this digitally connected day and age, a network service provider just has to do more than provide the bare necessities and that is exactly why Ufone goes all-out to bring you a range of diverse packages and services that take care of all your needs.

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