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Ufone Value Added Services - SMS, Fun & Info Services | Ufone
Ufone welcomes you to indulge in the true essence of the term on the go. With our easy to use Ufone Value Added Services, pack your entire external environment right in your cell phone.

Ufone : 100 SMS Portal
With 100 SMS portal, Ufone customers can now browse download and subscription information on content categories, text alerts and the top value added services at a minimal cost of 5 Paisa per SMS

Ufone : Awaz SMS
Awaz SMS provides a user the facility to send SMS messages without having to go through the pain of typing a message on their mobile phone keypads. Instead you can simply record what you wish to say and send to anyone you like.

Ufone SMS Gift Box
Ufone cares for you and has always given priority to your comfort and your needs. Our innovative offers, services and applications ensure that all your needs are catered to, to make life comfortable for you. To achieve this, our latest offering in this regard is the Ufone SMS Gift Box.

Ufone : Group SMS
Ufone has always aimed to keep you updated with the most cutting-edge technology on offer and has constantly launched top-of –line offers, products and services to achieve that goal. In this process, Ufone has introduced countless industry-first services in Pakistan, cementing its reputation as the pioneer for exciting and useful value added services. Keeping this tradition alive and kicking, Ufone is unveiling its next industry-first service: Group SMS

Ufone : Hisaab SMS – because Ufone has no Hidden charges!
Ufone has always been completely honest with all its customers, and was the first operator to introduce Hisaab SMS, a complete account of the previous day’s balance consumption. Hisaab SMS is free-of-charge service that gives all of our prepaid customers complete detail of their consumed balance on a daily basis. Whether you have made calls, SMS, used mobile Internet and any other services, you will always know how much balance you have spent and on which service. With the Hisaab SMS in English or Urdu, you will never have to worry about any additional or hidden charges because Ufone is making everything open, transparent and clear for you.

Ufone : SMS Scheduler
Hard to keep track of important birthdays, anniversaries, events? Let Ufone handle it for you now! With Ufone SMS alert, U can now schedule your messages for future dates.

Ufone : Trivia Quiz
With Ufone’s Trivia Quiz, you can carry your very own personal game show inside your pocket. There is an abundance of questions that we will come up with that will ensure that your thinking cap is always on! That’s not all

Ufone : Twitter on SMS
Ufone Pre-Paid and Post-pay users will now be able to operate Twitter through their Ufone on 40404 SMS Short Code. Twitter offers social networking and Microblogging service, enabling its users to send and read messages called tweets. Ensuring and keeping the tradition of offering pre-eminent value added services to Ufone subscribers, we offer our Ufone subscribers to send, receive unlimited tweets through this service. Follow your Family, Friends and Celebrities updates on twitter by endorsing the process below.

Ufone : U Directory
Ufone brings you UDirectory catering to all your search needs under a single banner. Need to look up a place in Pakistan? Or want to check out the latest restaurant deals? Pamper yourself with expert health and beauty tips or bring the shopaholic out in you by availing seasonal sales, discounts, and offers! If you’re a diva our ladies lounge is the perfect place for you and if you’re a geek, ace your grades with our study tips and short courses!

Ufone : Urdu Info Services
Now there is no language barrier when it comes to getting the latest and most relevant information on your phone. Ufone’s Urdu info services will deliver everything you want on your phone in Urdu. All you have to do is send in the Service command to 120 and you will get your alerts in the language you desire

Ufone : Ufone Urdu SMS
is a unique service that enables you to communicate with loved ones through SMS in Urdu script.You can now send and receive Urdu text SMS instead of roman i.e. it would translate an SMS in to the local language script (Urdu) from Roman Urdu.With this service you can send quotes, greetings, poetry, jokes in your local language instead of Roman Urdu which accentuates the true essences of the message. In addition to this it also takes language barrier out of the equation for the people who are not able to read English

Ufone : Web 2 SMS Chat
Ufone’s Messaging service gives you.the chance to explore new avenues of connectivity. So remain in touch through any medium you can imagine, you no longer have to worry about where when and how to keep in touch with your loved ones

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