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- iPhone Buckets

The Ufone network is now iPhone ready! Are U?

Because Ufone brings U amazing data packages for your iPhone!

You’re more powerful with an iPhone in your hands, even more so when your network is Ufone. When you combine the two, you have, in your hands, Pakistan’s most potent communications experience on offer.

And Ufone is going one better because U can now avail volumes of 3GB and 5GB with speeds of 3Mbps. Simply select the bucket that’s right for you and create, shape and share your life as you see fit. Let your iPhone open avenues you never knew existed; from communication to entertainment, Pakistan’s only recognized iPhone carrier will expand and upgrade your iPhone experience like no one else!

Data Buckets:

iPhone Prepaid buckets:

Volume Subscription Code Price Validity Speed
3GB *7667# Rs. 1,000 30 days 3 Mbps
5GB *7117# Rs. 1,800 30 days 3 Mbps

Terms & Condition:

  • Upon exhaustion, charging shall be done according to default data tariff
  • This bucket can only be subscribed through an iPhone. However, once subscribed, bucket can be used on any handset by inserting of SIM.
  • Dial *706# to check remaining data balance
  • Both buckets cannot be subscribed simultaneously.

Simply subscribe to these buckets from your iPhone and get cracking, because for Ufone, it’s all about U!